SOMERSET ENHANCED is a professional fine art inkjet paper suitable for fine art reproduction and fine art photography.

Somerset Enhanced is a beautiful art paper designed for inkjet printing. The paper has a special ink receptive coating on one side which results in stunning prints with a wide colour gamut. Even though off white the paper is capable of dazzling reproduction more akin to super white paper.

Made from 100% cotton fibres using a traditional mould machine, this is an authentic art paper capable of producing outstanding results with a good inkjet printer. For fade resistant prints pigment inks are recommended. An archival acid free paper buffered with calcium carbonate to help protect prints against attack by atmospheric pollutants.

Somerset Enhanced is ideal for fine art reproduction and fine art photography. Prints have minimal ink spread and are almost instantly touch dry.

The A4 & A3+ sizes come in packages of 25'. A2 comes bagged in 25's and 1188 x 889mm is kraft wrapped and also in 25’.  Rolls are boxed singularly using 3" cores to reduce 'reel set' and stop the paper being too curly to use.

Available in 3 surfaces, Satin, Velvet and Textured

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