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STAS Picture Hanging System

STAS picture hanging systems have repeatedly proven to be the most innovative and reliable manufacturer of quality high-grade hanging systems. It’s for this reason that STAS supplies to the most prestigious museums, art galleries, universities, the public sector, and the health sector, worldwide.  STAS also has tailor-made hanging solutions for individual buyers. Indian Engineering Industries has made available to the Indian market through direct purchase or through their distributors these exclusive hanging systems.

STAS minirail
25 kg/m

A slim aluminum rail, just 16mm high; it looks very elegant and unobtrusive on the wall. Putting up the rail is easy with the specially developed clip screw. Although it is slender, this is still a strong rail that can hold up to 25kgs per metre.  Lighter frames
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STAS multirail
45 kg/m

This revolutionary Hanging and Lighting system is specially designed to enable flexible lighting of your pictures with a subtle and elegant effect. Lights are adjustable in height, the same as the picture hanging system. It has the capability to bearing up to 45kg per meter
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STAS cliprail - pro
45 kg/m

A basic hanging system, with a wall mounted rail and concealed fixings. It is discrete and elegant. This thin-walled system which is easy to install is popular with most users. It has the capability to bearing up to 45kg per meter. For galleries
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J-rail - Max
100 kg/m

As per it’s name the rail resembles the letter J. It is a simple and strong rail system. In combination with the rod, this rail is ideal for flexible hanging of pictures on high walls. Two type of rods depending on the frames.
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Clip rail 2 Hang & Light

The Revolutionary aluminium cliprail 2 Hang & Light hanging system. The first system with easy and quickly adjustable lights. Hanging and lighting your pictures with a subtle, easy and elegant system.
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STATS u-rail

The STAS u-rail has been purpose-designed to turn the suspended ceiling into a flexible hanging system in a matter of minutes. The rail is available in the same colour as the wooden tile support strip and attaches almost completely invisibly to the ceiling tile support strips.
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STAS Set up

This exhibition system gives you a narrow long shelf on which you can stack along side each other unframed canvases or objects-de-art of a certain width. The system is wall mounted like an upside down L with the shorter side attached to the wall. The outer side has a lipping to ensure that the displayed objects to do not fall off. There are grooves along the entire length to ensure over all strengthening of the system.
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STAS Plaster rail

This system needs to be pre planned for. Before the walls of the gallery are built the STAS Plaster rail has to be imbedded into the wall or woodwork where in just the groove is visible. This system comes with a hooking apparatus which is slid into the groove and can be used for attaching the hanging cord. The system is ideal for displaying large heavy frames and it is also aesthetically appealing as it is practically invisible to the eye
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STAS Paper rail

Easy to use Paper Rail is ideal for hanging papers, charts, art prints in lieu of framing. Snap on at two ends and hang!

    a) 100 cm (39.35”) Paper Rail White / Silver
    b) 200 cm
(78.70”) Paper Rail White / Silver


Alu Postersnap

Easy to use Alu Postersnap is ideal for hanging posters, charts, art prints in lieu of framing. Snap on at two ends and hang!

    a)   50 cm (19.75”)  Alu Postersnap
    b)   70 cm (27.50”)  Alu Postersnap
    c) 100 cm  (39.35”) Alu Postersnap

Poster Strips Transparent

Ready made display system where you can slide in your printed out put. The sleeve on top comes with the provision to attach suitable cord to hang the display.

    a) 30 cm (11.80”) 2 Poster Strips
    b) 42 cm (16.50”) 2 Poster Strips
    c) 60 cm (23.60”) 2 Poster Strips
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