Gambheera Picture Mounts are exclusively manufactured by Hampton Matboards of Canada for Indian Engineering Industries to a wide distribution in India. The paper has been developed from 100 years of Mat board experience and expertise. The company's state of the art facilities have allowed it to produce mat boards that are specially designed for high-volume users at a affordable prices for any one that remain globally competitive. All components are buffered with calcium carbonate to an alkaline PH. This board is suitable for all commercial purpose, Art students and special lay works.

Evenly toned surface papers are available in a variety of popular high volume colours, size 32" x 47" in both whitecore and regular cream core. The paper is designed to maximize blade life on CMCs.

Also available as pre-cut mount for framing and preservation of art works and  valuable Photo Prints in various sizes.
S.No Color Code Micron Size
Ultimate White
GPM 500 1200 32" x 47"
Navy Blue
GPM 504 1200 32" x 47"
GPM 505 1200 32" x 47"
GPM 506 1200 32" x 47"

GPM 507 1300 30" x 40"
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