Bockingford is a beautiful watercolour paper offering traditional quality at an affordable price. Its popularity is supported by its ability to withstand a lot of latitude and excellent colour lifting abilities. Its mould made to archival standards, with high grade wood pulp (alpha cellulose) creating an attractive surface by using natural woollen felts, giving it a distinctive random texture. It is also buffered with calcium carbonate to combat acid attack that finished paintings may encounter from air pollution.

It is available in a versatile white shade, plus 5 light tints (blue, oatmeal, cream, grey and egg shell – with colour sachets), which are superb for adding atmosphere quickly to paintings. Excellent colour lifting is achievable due to the surface not being surface sized with gelatine. The cooler tints make the composition colder, while the warmer ones give 'heat' to the painting. All the sheets are highly lightfast and have a minimum of 7 on the Blue Wool Scale. Bockingford is suitable for watercolour, gouache, acrylic, pastel, pen & ink, charcoal etc.

Available in 3 surface:

Cold Pressed (NOT) - A medium surface and the most versatile.
{CP or NOT Hot Pressed are terms to describe the same surface finish}

Rough                    - Highly textured surface superb for adding effects to landscape and seascape                                paintings.

The paper is suitable for water colour, gouache, acrylic pastel, pen & ink, pencil and charcoal

BLOCKS & SPIRALS Bockingford Papers are also available in Blocks/Pads and Spiral. The range consists of 5 sizes of Bockingford pads (glued on one edge) and 5 sizes of Bockingford spirals. The paper is carefully converted into pads and spirals using only acid free and archival products, to protect the paper inside.

Spirals give artists the ability to keep a watercolour sketchbook of their paintings in a tidy format, while gummed pads give clean guillotined edges on all four sides of the paper, so the finished painting is ready for framing.

Each item has 12 sheets of 300g/m² CP (NOT) white Bockingford paper. Each item is individually shrink-wrapped.
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